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A Young Adult Cli-Fi (Climate Fiction) set in the enigmatic plant kingdom.  
Get ready to embark on an epic journey through human evolution. From the Theft of Fire to the Garden of Eden myth, the rise of Hitler and the century gone by, the Suspense Thriller is woven around known facts and fables for sequencing a parallel universe that is hidden in plain sight.
Written by: GAMI
Narrated by: Akhshay Ghildhiyal
Background Score: Chintan Kalra

Produced by: Eccentric Circle Records
©2022 Vivek Dubey
"The plant kingdom was seeing a deadly conspiracy unfold after the Creation of Man. Slowly but surely the humans have been turned into puppets by a secret army to make them bring on climate change. They are being used for an invasion of Earth with global warming meant to be the highly classified mission statement of this peculiarly-powerful army. The clock is ticking for a mass extinction like never before. Time has come to fire the last shot; time has come to save the Tree of Life!

But growing in the heart of California’s iconic Yosemite National Park, where petty issues, rivalries and cheap thrills rule over everything else, Buddy and an odd bunch of young plants are hunting for the Sacred Weapon to defeat the invaders. Little do they know that they won’t be able to pull it off unless they faced up to none other but themselves!"

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