Live & Performing Arts

photo © chintan kalra

Kuru Circus & Orchestra
Live Art & Music based on the Graphic Novel titled The Kuru Chronicles
Band / Live Art
Producer / Visual Artist
In a return to the live scene as 'LAHAUL' their music captures the confluence of hearts, souls, minds and talents of four awesome buddies and fantastic musicians.
Band / Music Release
Endless Strum Live Tour
Ukulele Concert Series
ETE 2020
“Exploring the Edge,.. of Experimental Creativity” [Data Visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Live-Coding, and, Music with Technology] Presented by India International Centre & The AeA
Creativity Conclave
Co-Curator / Performer
Strings Of The World 2019
Strings of the World is dedicated to the string instruments of the world. It includes some of the best string instrumentalists known for their ability to collaborate with artistes from diverse genres, cultures and continents to create a unique musical and cultural experience.
Music Concert / Festival
Ukulele Performance
Exploring The Edge
Creativity Conclave
Live Performance
Kaal & Kaalia
An artistic collaboration twixt Ashim Ghosh & Chintan Kalra - and we say what we see...
Multiple Media Artists
Independent Music & Films Laboratory (Formerly 25 Frame Media, Mediapolis, Record Room etc. etc.) ΩCK © ad infinitum
Studios / Producer / Performing Artist
Think Floyd (India)
THINK FLOYD - India's biggest and only Pink Floyd tribute show - was conceived in 2006 as a collaborative production, featuring select music, surround sound, extravagant lights and visual imagery set to contemporary social themes.
Music / Band
Director / Bass / Vocals
Doors of Perception
This show re-creates the true essence of that classic jazz-rock sound, in the form of this electric tribute act.
Music / Band
C'tar + Maths
C'tar+Maths are an immersive musical, visual, art & technological improvisation project by Sid Mathur & Chintan Kalra (both multi-instrumentalist, bass players and producers) who share a keen interest in music - the art & the science of it.
Music / Band
Co-Producer / Electric Sitar
Mob Marley Inc.
Anything between a quartet to an octet on stage, their music is spontaneous, glitch-rap-reggae, peppered with honest renditions of some original political song and some dubbed-down, funked-up classics.
Music / Band
Producer / Vocals
ZOYA - The Band
"ZOYA" - a band with a very unusual sound that blends voices and instruments to create trip-py, folk-y, trance-y melodies - is now back on the stage as "LAHAUL"
Music / Band
Producer / Bass / Ukelele
Strung together by nephew & uncle - NEPHUNK are a band built over many years of family-dinners & basement-jams, Pink Floyd & A.R. Rahman, iced tea & 'pooki's squeals... Ishaan Chhabra (from the Berklee College of Music) & Chintan Kalra (from the 'parikrama's cool of music) produce these genre-defying soundscapes that are soulful, if sublime... melodic, often grand... and thanks to that 'generation-gap', never ever boring.
Music / Band
Bring Down The Walls
Musical / Theater
Music Director / Actor
The Unknown Soldier
The Unknown Soldier tries to unravel the yet unknown facets of the legendary rock star: a poet in search of expression, a lover in search of trust and a rebel in search of freedom. Even in the present times, Jim's ideas and poetry transgress the boundaries of good and evil, to question the establishment, and 'to break on through to the other side'
Musical / Theater
Music Director / Sound Design
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