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Ink Of The Earth
'We are India's soul, don't kill us' Rajesh Wangad's 'Warli' tribe has used art to tell their stories for generations, living in harmony with the natural world around them. This film is based on his artwork and his story.
Mixed Reality
Spatial Sound Design / Title Graphics
ETE 2020
“Exploring the Edge,.. of Experimental Creativity” [Data Visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Live-Coding, and, Music with Technology] Presented by India International Centre & The AeA
Creativity Conclave
Co-Curator / Performer
Goodbye Father
VR Art
Virtual Reality
Spatial Sound Design / Editing
Hand In Hand
Kumbh Mela in 360° VR Manorama Mishra (72) and Girija Devi (68) are from two villages in northern India. Both lead lonely lives - Girija can go days without talking to anyone while Manorama's life is an endless wait for a visit from one of her children.
Spatial Sound Design / Editing
Exploring The Edge
Creativity Conclave
Live Performance
Hindi FunKhel
Fun and Free Hindi word game app for all smart phones
Hindi Word Game
CTO / App Designer
Indie Art Week
Multidisciplinary festival and conferences showcasing the extent of human expression, dissolving the boundaries between art, sound and visuals.
Arts & Music Festival
Tech Consult
Kaal & Kaalia
An artistic collaboration twixt Ashim Ghosh & Chintan Kalra - and we say what we see...
Multiple Media Artists
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