21 June 2024, 06:30 pm
Programme Type:Talks
Venue:Annexe Lecture Room II, IIC Annexe
‘The Comfort of Noise’ – The journey of a rock musician from the 1990’s, navigating the 2020’s amidst the din of technology 
An illustrated presentation by Chintan Kalra
Technology has transformed music production and consumption, while pushing our understanding of its intricacies. This presentation will explore the evolution of live music, the advancement of production tools, AI's influence in music, the immersive experience of spatial audio, and the impact of streaming platforms on music curation and discovery
Chintan Kalra is an eclectic artist whose musical endeavours, ranging from the experimental sounds of Kuru Circus & Orchestra to the meditative strums of the ukulele, are complemented by his ventures in multimedia technology and creative collaborations across various platforms.

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