1.The Mission (00:00)
2.Delhi Montage - feat. Chintan Kalra (03:25)
3.I Have To Go (05:57)
4.Salaam Doctor Sahab (07:45)
5 Bosnia - feat. Alisa Apreleva (10:20)
6.Kidnappings (11:44)
7.Omar Arrested (15:19)
8.A Father's Woes (17:14)
9.Training (19:59)
10.In Cold Blood (21:57)
11.Still Out There (24:13)
12.The Code of Silence (27:20
Soundtrack Credits :
Composed and produced by Ishaan Chhabra
Score mixed by Geoff Foster and Sarath Mohan
Music Editor and Co-ordinator : Arpita Gandhi
Oud, Saz and Persian Setar : Tapas Roy
Vocals : Alisa Apreleva, Chintan Kalra
Kalimba, Electric Sitar and Pipadoo : Chintan Kalra
Duduk, Ney and Flute : Kamlakhar

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