Endless Strum is also the title of this debut album, recorded at various locations across the country - while on travel, holidaying, driving, some in the studio. Tuneful and exploratory, playful and intense, classical and contemporary, contrasts merge together in these transcendental pieces, to form a soulful new sound that sets any restless mind at peace.
The recordings - all one-shot, no retakes, were achieved using a variety of phones, mics and voice recorders. Backgrounds were created using vocoder synths, a few basic e ects and some clever production wizardry by the co-producer Ishaan Chhabra.
The Live concert features the solo Ukelele, served on a bed of melli uous ambience oย  the studio rig and some intelligent, computer-aided percussions.
Ukulele Meditation - Solo Instrumental - Releasing Soon!
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