Endless Strum (Ukulele Meditations) - this solo instrumental 'spatial audio' album was recorded at various locations across the country - while on travel, holidaying, brooding, some in the studio as well. Tuneful and exploratory, playful and intense, classical and contemporary, contrasts merge together in these transcendental pieces, to form a soulful new sound that will set any restless mind at peace.
The recordings - all one-shot, no retakes, were achieved using a variety of phones, microphones and recorders. Backgrounds were painted using vocoder synths, effects, binaural processing and some production wizardry by my co-producer & Mastering Engineer - Ishaan Chhabra (Audiosyncracy)

Cover Photo by Hari Nair & art courtesy midjourney.ai and photoshop

Endless Thanks to Rishabh Parmar, Saurabh Mishra & Sharat Chandra Shrivastava for bringing me to this 🙏
Hear it on any of your fav channels...
"Oh! and head-phones/ear-phones seriously recommended"
..and here are some other renditions of "Endless Journey"

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