Strings Of The World 
Live at NCPA Mumbai
One World Many Musics: Celebrating Artistic Plurality
19 Oct 2019
Strings of the World is dedicated to the string instruments of the world. It includes some of the best string instrumentalists known for their ability to collaborate with artistes from diverse genres, cultures and continents to create a unique musical and cultural experience. The festival was curated by Sharat Chandra Srivastava in 2012 dedicated to his grandfather-guru Joi Srivastava from the Senia gharana. 
The ensemble for this edition includes: Sharat Chandra Srivastava -a talented Indian classical violinist and composer, Igor Bezget – a versatile guitar player and Tadej Kampl – a bass player from Slovenia, Rasa-lila Buniatyan – a celebrated qamancha player from Armenia, Nita Aartsen – a talented piano & keyboard player from Indonesia, Chintan Kalra – a well-known ukelele player, Heiko Dijker & Gyan Singh –  accomplished tabla players, Joshua Grant and Olaf Keus, well-known drummers and percussionists, Sardar Khan Langa, a gifted Rajasthani folk singer along with his group of musicians and Ishaan Chhabra - a versatile music producer & keyboard player will join the celebration of the strings, lending a brilliant folk flavour.
Box Office:  9th September for Members & 12th September for Public
An NCPA Presentation